The Original EN

Eliminate upper-back, shoulder, and neck pain by adding this headrest to your chair. This ergonomic headrest is a must for every avid Aeron chair owner and was specifically created to offer neck support while reclining in your chair.

Our patented headrests currently come in four different models: ENjoy (HR-01), ENlighten (HR-02) (Wholesale and Corporate Orders Only), ENrich (HR-03), and the NEW ENgage (HR-04). Each style was designed based on ergonomic principles for the neck and head.

Our Story

A few years ago, the founder of Engineered Now purchased a Herman Miller Aeron Chair and placed it in his home office. He spent countless hours in the ergonomic marvel and after a hard day’s work, he often found himself leaning back in his chair to take in the day’s accomplishments, read the news, or watch an episode online. A few weeks later, after noticing neck and upper shoulder pain appearing, he consulted a chiropractor and it became clear that the countless hours leaning back in the chair, with no support for his head, was taking its toll on the muscles of both his neck and upper shoulders. The mission: Find the solution piece.

Our Story Continued

The idea of the first generation headrest, ENjoy, was to have free-flow motion that made the headrest adjustable to the movement of the body, as it is rare to sit still in one position for a long length of time. ENjoy was well received by corporate and individual customers and shortly after, ENlighten was created, in leather, to match the stylish armrests of the Aeron chair. After the initial success of ENjoy and ENlighten, customers chimed in on what they wanted to see in the next generation of headrests. The ability to move the headrest forward while sitting upright and the ability to lock in place was the highest request and through that, ENrich was born. ENrich is adjustable, to offer ergonomic support in the upright position, and has been well-received. This particular model is available in stylish titanium or gold mesh weaves as well as the classic black.

The newly released ENgage headrest not only engages in recline and upright positions, but also offers ergonomic support in the forward tilt position. Highly adjustable and proportioned to accommodate many various heights, it is the most engaging headrest to date. From large corporations to home offices, these ergonomic add-ons are a must for every avid Aeron chair owner.